Skills Centre (Junior U9 - U12)

Skill Centre (SKC) is our core NZF accredited training programme offering a scripted training plan for Junior grade players aged U9 - U12 (born in 2014 – 2011). This is a skill based programme, catering for both boys and girls, that has an emphasis on enjoyment and structured training that maximise development and encourages players to fall in love with football.

For the skill centre training the Girls and Boys are grouped by age band (typically U9-10 & U11-12) or individual age groups depending on numbers.

During 2023 we will have two sessions per week for each age band on the specified day. It is likely to move to in Term 4 2023. The time slot is also in line with “in season” training days/times unless advised differently.

During Skill Centre training, players may be moved around different training groups to provide the relevant challenge point. The sessions are expected to be delivered at Shepherds Park, but if for whatever reason the Club is unable to use Shepherds Park to deliver the programme you will be notified with of the alternative venue and it will be posted on the club FB page. Rain or shine we aim to deliver all sessions.

The club staff (Head of Football and SKC Coaches) will be observing all football activities offered by BUAFC as part of the club players’ selection process for the grades in season 2023. In term 1 we will also be offering the opportunity to open trial/training to new players interested in joining the club in 2023.

BUAFC wish to encourage all players to express themselves at the best of their abilities, enjoy the learning and display the greatest attitude every time you come down to training, summer football, and all other football activities that BUAFC may choose to run.

Whilst all effort to accommodate players wishing to play at this level will be made, there is a limit to the number of teams the Club can support, and a limit to the number of players in each Skill Centre based team for 2023.

In order to be considered for a Skill Centre based team for the 2023 season the player must understand that the Club is seeking to accommodate those players who are committed to attend training and want a higher level of provision during the winter season along with the following:

· Attendance at training twice per week unless prior agreement with coach or illness/injury.

· Availability during the season to attend both training, Saturday games and Sunday football festivals is required.

· 2023 junior teams will be formed by like-minded and like-ability players. This way the club will be able to guarantee the appropriate challenge point to develop each individual through training and games.

· Payment of the additional fee for the full season of Skill Centre in 2023 will be $500 (this is in addition to the normal membership fee).

Skill Centre Programme (SKC) 2023:

Term 1 = 6 weeks - Starts Wednesday 22nd February – Finish Wednesday 5th April

Term 2 = 10 weeks - Starts Monday 24th April – Finish Wednesday 28th June

Term 3 = 10 weeks - Starts Monday 17th July – Finish Wednesday 20th September

Term 4 = 6 weeks - Starts Monday 16th October – Finish Wednesday 22nd November

Monday and Wednesdays – U9 and U10

Please Note U9 – U10 2023 = born in 2014 and in 2013

· Session is from 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm. Please be on site 10-15 minutes before practice starts

Monday and Wednesdays – U11 and U12

Please Note U11 – U12 2023 = born in 2012 and in 2011

· Session is from 5.45 pm to 6.45 pm. Please be on site 10-15 minutes before practice starts

Further Information about 2023

The club will hold an information seminar for parents at club rooms from 6.30pm on Monday 20th February for the Skill Centre grades to outline plans for the 2023 season.