Coach and Manager Information

At Birkenhead United AFC, we are excited to welcome our coaches and managers for the upcoming season. Your expertise and dedication is the foundation of our club's success. As we undertake the new season, we extend our thanks for your support and commitment to our teams.

Your leadership and guidance are invaluable to our players, helping them develop their skills, build confidence, and foster a love for football. Whether you are coaching our senior teams, youth, juniors, or women's teams, your influence shapes the future of our club and its members.

We appreciate the countless hours you invest in training, strategising, and mentoring, ensuring that each player has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Your contributions not only enhance the performance of our teams but also strengthen the sense of community and camaraderie that defines Birkenhead United AFC.

Please see the information below for assistance with the season ahead.

Code of Conduct

As a Coach I will:

  • Respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each player in order to help them reach their full potential
  • Provide all players with equal attention and opportunities they deserve
  • Be fair, considerate and honest with players and parents
  • Encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage players to make good life choices
  • Show professional responsibility by displaying high standards in language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation
  • Make training sessions fun and suitable to each players talent and development stage
  • Discuss player development regularly with other coaches and the Head of Football
  • Actively seek out coach development opportunities
  • Display control, courtesy, respect, honesty, dignity and professionalism to all in involved in the sport
  • Be a positive role model for the sport and players in a way that projects a positive image
  • Please see the BUAFC Coaching Standards Document

As a Team Manager I will:

  • Be responsible for the overall welfare and well-being of team members
  • Maintain a ‘duty of care’ towards team members and be accountable for the management of the team
  • Communicate with opposing team managers to ensure the fulfillment of scheduled fixtures
  • Communicate regularly with the football committee and managers from other Birkenhead teams, for the sharing of players, resources and ideas
  • Attend and be an active participant in scheduled football committee meetings.
  • Complete and return match scorecards to Birkenhead clubrooms within 24 hours of a fixture being played
  • Be responsible for the return of all team kit, balls, bibs, cones and other training equipment at the end of each season

Match Day Information

Training reminders

  • Please ensure you keep to your allocated time and area, even if there is no team training after you, you need to keep to within the set time slots, as each field has a maximum time limit of use for each week which we must keep to.
  • Please make sure you clean up after yourselves, remove rubbish and lost property, lets respect our training spaces and keep them clear for the next team.
  • Please be considerate of other teams and individuals using the facilities.

Lighting at Venues

If you have a problem with the lights /lighting code: Please phone the Council number 09 3010101 (or their Website) and lodge a critical job with them. This will be forwarded to a contractor who is obligated to take action within a 2 hour period. Please ensure you leave your contact details with the job so they are able to contact you back directly.

Home 'Away' Games

Home 'Away' Games are often played at Onepoto, Kaipatiki and some of our other locals parks. 
If you are the Home teams responsible for collection and/or return of nets and poles for a Home 'Away' Games you will be contacted in the week leading up to the game and let know if you will be Collecting or Returning the Nets and Poles for the games.

Weekly Results

For our U9 - U17 teams. At the end of each game, please enter your scores here: Weekly Results 2024 . If you all could do this each week it will make the process of entering the results into comet quicker for our administration team.  You can do this regardless if you are the home or away team, this way we have a record of the Players of the Day/Birko Award Recipients/MVP’s. If your team is competing in the higher level competitions and you have access to Comet, you can upload your results directly and do not need to complete the form.


Parents should let the manager or coach know each week if their child will be absent for the game, or training. Please follow up with your players and their parents with re-occurring absenses, and let us know if there are any issues or injuries you feel we should be notified about.

Coaching Resources

Birkenhead United AFC Documents:

New Zealand Football:

New Zealand Football offers a variety of  coaching resources to meet the needs of our Junior and Youth Football Coaches

Northern Region Football:


CoachMate offers a range of video activities to keep your team engaged and learning. Each activity comes with comprehensive information, including the aim, required equipment, setup diagrams, and progressions to adjust the difficulty.

New Zealand Sport: