First Kicks

It is essential that young players are exposed to a high quality experience that’s designed to meet their needs. This will be their first experience of playing Football in an organised environment, which can be the deciding factor for whether they fall in love with sport or not. This initiation phase allows children to discover the game at their own speed and creates a positive experience with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

First Kicks is for our players aged 5 and 6 (the age they turn during the season).

  • Training - Saturday morning 8:30am to 9:00am
  • Games - Saturday morning 9:00am to 9:25am

Games in the school holidays
There is NO PLAY at Easter weekend and in the “middle weekend” of the school holidays.

If it’s raining
Birkenhead United makes the decision to cancel the First Kicks & Fun Football grades and it is posted on the homepage and our club Facebook page at 7:30am.  Each coach is also notified so you should receive a message from your team coach. In some cases the Council may close Shepherds Park on Friday, in this case you are normally contacted Friday night from your team coach. Unless you hear otherwise you can assume the game is still on.

How to best support your child and their team
The best way to help your child is to

  • be positive, encourage them to do their very best
  • have them attend practices and be on time
  • plenty of warm clothing (gloves on small cold hands for the early morning starts save a lot of tears)
  • plastic rubbish bags to sit muddy children on in your car on the way home
  • a drink for half time and after the game

Coaching or Managing a Team
Birkenhead United has been going through a sustained period of growth over the last few years. The biggest strain that this puts on us is in the area of finding enough coaches or managers and once we have done that, ensuring that they are adequately prepared. Some of our coaches/managers are parents who may never have played soccer before. To support these dedicated volunteers, we do and will continue to run, both in-house and external coaching courses. Our Director of Coaching, Paul Hobson is available to support and resource coaches. If you are a parent or past player who has flirted with the idea of coaching a team – please give it a try!