Birkenhead United is solely run by a group of dedicated volunteers.  We strive to provide the best experience of club Football as we possibly can.  Volunteering can be very satisfying, even if you only have a few hours spare we are always looking for support.

Sometimes volunteering can seem very daunting, mainly because you may be apprehensive about what is expected or worried by volunteering may take up too much time. As a club we are very mindful of that fact and it is our goal to match a volunteer to a role that suits them and their available time.  Volunteering in anyway, even only a few hours a week, month or season significantly increases the clubs ability to provide a positive experience to you and your children.

The club has created a range of role descriptions to support any new volunteer and to create some clarity to what is expected and how much time is expected.

In addition the club is keen to support coaches or team managers.  If you are new to coaching or wish to increase your knowledge please contact us for details.

If you would like some more information about volunteering please email secretary@buafc.org.nz.  To be added to our volunteer register please complete the form below.

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