Our Junior grades are for those children aged between 9 and 12 years old.

Game Format

  • 9th Grade –  7 aside, 55 x 35 field, 2 games, 10 players per team
  • 10th Grade –  7 aside, 55 x 35 field, 2 games, 10 players per team
  • 11th Grade –  9 aside, 70 x 50 field, 1 game, 12 players per team
  • 12th Grade –  9 aside, 70 x 50 field, 1 game, 12 players per team

Grades are based on age, i.e 9th graders turn 9 this year (Jan 1st – Dec 31st).  Games are played on fields across the North Harbour and West Auckland region against other club teams. Kick off times vary with each grade but are typically

  • 10am for 9th Grade
  • 11am for 10th Grade.
  • 11am for 11th Grade
  • 12pm for 12th Grade

The Northern Football Federation (NFF) also offer Girls-only leagues between Grades 9-12, subject to the number of entries.

Junior Development vs Participation
Players will determine on registration whether they want to enter the Trials and be
considered for the Development Squad in each grade.  If players do not wish to enter the
Trialsthey will automatically be placed within a participation team.  Players may select to play with school or friends and where possible the Club will  group them together when forming the teams. Please specify any preferences.

Development Squads (Grades 9-12)
The development squad comprises 1-2 teams in each grade made up of players selected
by professional coaching staff at the trials. All players wishing to play Development Football will be required to attend trials and whilst all effort to accommodate all players
wishing to play at this level will be made, there is a limit to the number of teams the Club
will support, and a limit to the number of players in each team.

In order to be considered for a development squad the player must understand the

  • Attendance at training 2 x per week (subject to cancellation) is recommended
    unless prior agreement with coach or illness/injury.
  • Availability during the season to attend both training, Saturday games including weekends of the school holidays and Sunday tournaments is required.
  • Selection of the players for either team during the season will be based on their commitment, attitude and performance.
  • One training session per week will be taken by the Director of Coaching, the other by the team coach.
  • There are additional fees charged to support the cost of this professional coaching, uniforms and tournament entry where applicable, in addition to the basic registration fee.

In providing the development option the Club is seeking to accommodate those players
who are committed to attend training at least twice a week and want a higher level of
competition. Additionally, a few top players within this group may be nominated to trial
for the Northern Football Federation regional Centre of Excellence Squads.
If during the season, players are found to be incorrectly grouped, the Club will seek to
address this where ever possible.

Participation (Grades 9-12)
Just as important are those players that wish to enjoy their football but have other
commitments and passions alongside. Participation football will put less emphasis on
training and will allow for a fun environment to enjoy some inter-club competition most
likely with their mates. Participation teams will be constructed based on assessed player
ability, player preferences and could be school based where numbers permit.

Girls Football
BUAFC is committed to continuing the improvements they have made in the past
seasons with Girls Football.

Should girls play mixed or girls football?
This is entirely up to the individual and depends on the girls physical, mental and
emotional make-up and commitment to their football. Many see significant development
advantages to the generally more competitive and physical mixed football but this is
depends on the girls ability to compete in the higher graded teams and stand up for
themselves to ensure an equal standing within that team. Conversely, Girls Football
provides the opportunity for the player to stand out within a team and also engage
socially in with other Girls. In a recent conversation with NZ Football Ferns Coach – “the
quality of the training is the most critical element to girls development” – so for any girls
passionate about their future in the game we will endeavour to meet their training
requirements regardless of whether they play in a mixed or girls team.

Goal Keeper Development
Any players interested in joining BUAFC Goalkeeping Clinics to receive specialist training
please ensure that you register your interest with your team coach. Our Goalkeeper
Coach will then contact you with training times directly.

What does the club provide?

  • Minimum 1-hour coaching/week
  • Playing shirts
  • Weekly player awards
  • Team photos
  • End of season prizegiving
  • Family membership of BUAFC
  • Coach training and support

​What do you need to bring?

  • Shin pads
  • Football boots

Playing Fees for BUAFC Juniors are $185 (Fees include GST & levies charged by New Zealand Football and Northern Football Federation)

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