Contact Tracing

In line with New Zealand Football requirements, we are implementing iDMe for touch free contact registration at Shepherds Park. This will be consistant with all other football clubs in New Zealand.

You will see the following posters around Shepherds Park and the clubrooms

You will be required to sign in each time you visit the grounds, as well as when you visit the clubrooms. The sign in requirements are:

  • Each player attending training
  • Each parent attending with a player and waiting for their child
  • Each visit to the clubrooms (every person attending)

To get started, please visit and follow the instructions. Once setup you will have the following on your phone

Note you can add more than one person to this. Simply click on Update Details, then at the bottom of the screen click Add another person. From there, when you open the app you will see a small > to switch screens.

When you visit the park or clubrooms, simply open iDMe, click on the blue words “or click here for manual sign-in” and you will see the following.

Add the venue code per the poster Q B V Q V and click Check in. That’s it!

Thank you for your support.

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