AFF & NFF E-Sports FIFA 20 Competitions

With our ability to take to the football field or court physically restricted while under Covid-19 lockdown, AFF & NFF have teamed up to give members the chance to play another way.

We have created a FIFA 20 E-Sports competition to keep current members playing while they can’t physically and help create an opportunity for players to keep connection with and represent their club while in lockdown.

Information regarding the competition is outlined below.

Eligibility and entry
The competitions are separated by age group: Junior Festival (U9-U12), Youth Competition (U13-U19), Senior Competition (20+).

Registrations open on the April 7 and close on April 12. Fixtures will get underway from April 15.

The tournament will be limited to players currently registered with a club in either Auckland or Northern Football Federation, or who have been registered with an AFF or NFF club in the past 12 months. Each player will represent their club, with entries from each club unlimited. There will be separate PS4 and Xbox One tournaments per age group. Participants must choose one upon registration.

Registrations are to be made via MyComet and are free for all players!

AFF/NFF Football will be checking that players are registered (or were registered) with clubs throughout the competitions.

Any player under the age of 18 MUST obtain their parent’s or guardian’s consent to participate in the competition.

Competition set up and delivery
The competitions will take place in the FIFA20 Online Friendlies mode. Fixtures ending in a draw will be replayed. In the event of a second drawn game the third fixture will be played as Golden Goal. (First to score wins). To keep an even playing field, matches will all have the Online Friendlies setting of Squad Type set to 85 Overall, whereby all player ratings are set at 85.

The competitions will be run through Comet, with results and draws available online via the AFF or NFF websites.

Registration process
1. Login to MyComet
2. Click Register down the left-hand side
3. Search for AFF/NFF E-Sports under the Choose Seller heading
4. Select either (only choose one)
* AFF/NFF Junior FIFA 20 (PS4) or AFF/NFF Junior FIFA 20 (Xbox)
* AFF/NFF Youth FIFA 20 (PS4) or AFF/NFF Youth FIFA 20 (Xbox)
* AFF/NFF Senior FIFA 20 (PS4) or AFF/NFF Senior FIFA 20 (Xbox)
5. Click the green checkout icon
6. Fill in the survey details and click continue
7. Scroll to the bottom and click proceed to checkout.
8. Click the terms and conditions box, then click finish

Any further assistance please contact the relevant Competitions Manager: – Junior: – Youth/Senior:

Regulations Competition regulations can be found here: AFF /NFF E Sports Regulations

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